What Are Some Fitness Trends You Should Follow in 2014?

The ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal conducts an annual survey to determine tendencies within the fitness enterprise for you to assist fitness professionals develop the most useful packages viable. The Journal does make a distinction between trends and fads, bringing up fads to be extra transient than trends. Below are ten of the largest fitness traits for 2014.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval schooling-or HIIT-is the top fitness trend for 2014. It is a full-frame workout, which include alternating intervals of high-depth anaerobic exercising and short periods of resting time. The exercises are short, typically lasting a most of half-hour.

Body Weight Training

Body weight schooling uses the person’s very own weight  Custom nutrition plan as a source of natural resistance. Because gymnasium system is commonly no longer essential for this shape of exercising, it is able to be finished in most spaces and with most budgets.

Educated, Certified and Experienced Personal Trainers

Personal training is thought for its lax guidelines, inflicting huge differences within the high-quality of personal running shoes. Two third-birthday celebration accreditation structures-CAAHEP and NCCA-have stepped up, presenting great schooling and certification applications for fitness professionals. Personal trainers with these certifications are better in a position to plot high-quality health plans for their customers.

Fitness Programs for Older Adults

These packages are aimed toward adults who’re retirement age and above. They provide a selection of depth tiers to fit energetic older human beings in addition to individuals who are greater fragile. The packages improve electricity and coordination, bearing in mind more energetic every day activities.

Functional Fitness

Functional health allows humans to carry out their day by day lives with more electricity, balance and persistence. The applications are ideal for older adults and for the ones who’ve recently long past thru bodily therapy.

Group Personal Training

Groups in this type of personal education usually variety from 2-4 individuals. It is a popular option due to the fact typically it’s miles much less expensive than individual personal education. It also lets in pals or own family individuals to educate collectively.


Yoga fluctuates as a health trend, however is at the upward push once more in 2014. There are many incarnations of yoga, however maximum have the not unusual thread of promoting strength, flexibility and stability. Mostly completed in a group environment, with consistent exercise you could reap mental and emotional stability and stability at the side of a toned body.

Fitness Programs for Children

These applications have developed in response to the upward thrust of formative years weight problems coupled with the decline of in-college fitness programs. Children’s applications attention on retaining youngsters energetic and teaching them proper exercise and dietary habits.

Core Training

Core schooling focuses on strengthening the abs, thorax and returned muscle mass. It is particularly helpful to human beings with a excessive chance of again issues, but is generally beneficial to each person.

Outdoor Activities

Getting workout exterior with the aid of swimming, canoeing, trekking or playing team sports activities has benefits that indoor activities do now not. The difference of terrain allows paintings extraordinary muscle tissues and daylight provides higher diet D degrees.